Functional fibres

Application of the meat industry:
Our fibers have a number of advantages especially in the absorption of water and fat and is the basis of modern product formulas. They are ideal for injection, as well as to stabilize the emulsion and in many types of products.

Application in the dairy industry:
The use of insoluble fiber every day is becoming more popular in the processing of food. You can always expect professional and quality advice to apply. Basic features of the application:
Better consistency and density
For hard cheeses better cutting into slices.
Improving the quality of cheeses
Improved lubricity of cheese spreads

Application in the bakery industry:
The baking industry is the second in a row after the meat industry which are commonly used fibers. It can be divided into two main sectors: improving the texture and crunch and mechanical parameters as well as boosting the fiber content of dietarne purposes. Basic features of the application:
Longer shelf life
Better crust formation
Improved crunch
Better texture
Excellent flavor carrier
Better stability in freeze-thaw

Vitamin and mineral premixes

Vitamin and mineral premixes are the basis of animal nutrition. Directly affect the health and performance thus on economic parameters in intensive rearing conditions.Our products list cover main agriculture species poultry, pig and dairy.
We offer:
Ready-made vitamin and mineral premixes
Mineral complexes
Vitamin modules

Rumen by pass fats

Palmitic acid is a major fatty acids of milk fat. Amendment palm fatty acids in the diet can improve the fat content in milk, due to the intake of fatty acids in the synthesis of milk. Feeding palmitic fatty acids is beneficial during the season of poor quality fibers or when more grain foods included in the diet where it is necessary to reduce the availability of acetate and butyrate fatty acids. Highly concentrated crude fat in our products are micronized for superior intestinal digestibility of natural vitamin E. With a faint scent, palmetinska acid is suitable for all forms including supplementation and feeding.
It affects:
The percentage of milk fat
Better fertility
Increasing milk production
A better shape

Milk powder
Palm products

The use of palm oil in the world is becoming more widespread due to its unique characteristics of applications in a wide range of end products. These features are more versatile from different factions and subtle forms of oils that are available in the global market. At this point, refined palm olein is the main form of products with refined palm oil and refined palm oil stearin, which are also suitable for various applications in the food industry.

The four major traditional use of palm oil in food for cooking / baking, fats oils and margarine, fats and sweets. Palm oil is popularly used in solid fat products, as well as the cooking liquid sector, especially in industrial frying applications. It offers several technical features in applications such as resistance to oxidation, which contributes to the long term life of the final product. Palm oil is ideal for use as an ingredient in spreads and margarines, as a 20 - 22% solid fat content (SFC) at 20 ° C, which helps in the formulation of fatty products. It tends to crystallize desirable for some applications of lubricants and industrial margarine. Palm oil has other functional attributes that make it a valuable ingredient in food formulations is mainly used in baking, kondeitorskoj, the dairy industry and the production of biodiesel.
Products from the processing of palm:
Oil for cooking and baking:
Palm olein
Special fats for baking with excellent oxidation stability

Palm oil:
Fats for bakery
Substitute butter oil
Fats for confectionery industry
Fats for paints and coatings
Fats for ice cream
Fats for chocolate
Cocoa butter substitute

Production of biodiesel
Palm fatty acid distillate

Products for animal feed
Palm protected fat 99%

Whey powder
Powder cheese and cheese analogue

Our raw materials are carefully selected and offer food producers and taste a wide range of functional and natural taste of the solutions for a wide range of applications.

Typical applications include: pastries, salty snacks, sauces, dips and sauces, ready meals, flavors and blends of spices. So whether you are looking to develop new concepts and products we have the expertise to help you.

Functional protein

Raw materials of animal origin in valuable ingredients such as fats, proteins, minerals for use in different types of food.
Bonding under temperature
For the efficient production of meat products, functional proteins can be used to water binding properties of food or other meat. We distribute natural functional protein, beef or pig origin: plasma protein and collagen protein

Vegetable proteins

Pea protein 55%
Guar meal 42%
Potato protein

Cocoa Butter Substitute

This is a lauric fat, cocoa butter substitute is made from hydrogenated palm kernel under the most sanitary conditions. It has a high fat content excellent features snap, brittleness and feel good cooling and represents the best and most cost-effective alternative to cocoa butter.
They are used to replace cocoa butter in chocolate production complex and confectionery manufacturers offer an alternative to cocoa butter for spreading.